Organic Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo Kit

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I have been dreaming about tattoos for many years now. I made a promise to myself that when I reach a certain age I will be old enough to know if I really want a tattoo or was it just some juvenile idea I had when I was young. Turns out I still want a tattoo and I have thought about it such a long time so now is my time to go for it.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, whether you are not sure if you want to take it or you don’t know what kind of tattoo you would like have, I suggest you to try some temporary designs on your body to see how they look. I have done the same thing but with a permanent marker, which is not the best idea. This Organic Jagua Black temporary tattoo kit is a better solution.

This Kit comes with everything you need to create beautiful temporary black tattoos that look just like the real thing. The kit includes Professional applicator bottle with 3 different exchangeable tips, 40 stencil transfers, Natural eucalyptus oil for the stencil transfer, Enough Earth Jagua gel for 10–15 tattoos, and Clear, illustrated instructions. The gel comes from a Jagua fruit.

Price category: Less than $50

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